Essential Tools

The tools we are presenting here are tools that are absolute necessities if you want to build a successful online business. We are showing you the tools that we use in our business to help us succeed, but keep in mind that there are many options available. (For example: webhosting – there are tons of web hosting companies available. We encourage you to do your research and find the web host that meets the needs of your business. What is best for our business may not be best for your business. So, do your research and determine what works best for you).

At we are adamant about building trust with you and providing you with the best information we can. So, please know that if, after your research, you decide to go with any of our recommendations we would appreciate you clicking through the links on this page. We will receive an affiliate commission (that is the name of the game). Just being up front with you because we wouldn’t be very trustworthy if we didn’t let you know that. Whatever choices you make just be vigilant and chose what works best for your business.



Web Hosting:

We use Host Gator. – Works great for our business. Love the features they offer and they have wonderful support.



Email Auto-responder:





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We use Aweber. – We think it is the best available. Has tons of features and options that a lot of the others just don’t have.



Keyword Tool:

We use Jaxxy. – Saves tons of time over google keyword tool and gives high quality data that is easy to understand.



Social Media Management:

We use Bleupage Pro. – Managing your social media accounts can be time consuming. Bleupage Pro saves tons on time by allowing you to do things like – integrate your wordpress site and send your posts to all of your accounts with the click of a button, auto-post to your accounts from feeds that you choose, write your own post within Bleupage Pro to post across all of your accounts or just to the ones you choose and much, much more.